Vicentini Romano and associates have been operating in the mining sector since 1962 and are nowadays representing the Italian porphyry sector not only on an national level but on an international scale for all those who are interested in the purchase of porphyry from Trentino.
Our company works in one of the best porphyry deposits in Trentino, providing stones and stone slabs to private and public bodies from Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and many others.
We realize the supply and installation of porphyry with highly qualified personnel, respecting delivery times and cost estimates.
We are able to respond positively to both large orders and small orders, offering top quality material, wear resistances and natural looking, where the cutting processes do not alter the color and surfaces of the stones.
In our laboratory we cut the raw porphyry producing cubes, squared tiles, binderi, kerbs, steps, smolleri and all the other formats necessary for the various compositions. We cut the raw porphyry with hydraulic trance, and then finish by hand edges and surfaces trying to always give a look as natural as possible.
Thanks to the quality of our porphyry of Trentino and the ability of the staff to realize supply and installation of all kinds and complexities, we are able to satisfy all the aesthetic needs of our client.

Are you interested in supplying and installing porphyry from Trentino? Contact us for more information.